Technical Training for Vocational School Teachers and Students

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We offer a relatively long period of training programs for vocational school teachers and students. The training includes professional lectures and practical operations to ensure that you get the systematic knowledges and value-added skills required.

Our training courses contains porgramming, practice-oriented machine operation, service or maintenance. We offer comprehensive and professional training so that you can get the systematic knowledge as required.

Our Training Center offers the perfect learning environment with well facilitated classrooms, genuine HNC CNCs, and small class size with hands-on opportunities to put theories into practice.

The training cover:

Commissioning and maintenance:

Your can receive a comprehensive and professional overview of how to use CNC machines and are familiarized with all necessary maintenance processes.


You can learn how to program machines. The course is designed based on individuals’ existiting knowledge.

Programming and operation:

You can get a comprehensive machine training from operation to assembly through to maintenance, to learn about every aspect of using machines.

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