HOLLMAN 拉美地区 CZ88.NET网友 2012-12-21
El centro de mecanizado no orienta la herramienta, al colocar la instruccion M6T1 monta hta 16, en modo manual no suelta hta
Buenos dias! Es la maquina xhs7145???Quiere hta 1 o hta 16?No entiendo bien.Por favor digame los detalles.Gracias!
edinson 哥伦比亚波哥大市网友 2012-12-18
hello need information on their machines can please contact me thanks. please send information to
hola,un placer servirle.En que puedo ayudarle?las maquinas-herramientas o los controles?Saludos.
edinson vera 哥伦比亚波哥大市网友 2012-12-11
good morning happy, I'm from Colombia edinson vera and took more than six months trying to communicate with you because I am very interested in milling machines but you do not answer my e-mail I can give a chat or skype to connect with you and thank please take into account my application. thanks
hola,sr edinson vera.Soy cristina.Lo siento mucho que le ha hecho esperar tanto.Podria regalarme unas caracteristicas de la fresa que quiere comprar .O sea digame para que compra esta fresa ?la educacion o la industria?saludos
Leo Kim 韩国 CZ88.NET网友 2012-12-07
I have a selling cnc machines in S.Korea. Many customer want me to upgrade their old controller to new one. So, i am looking for a controller which can replace FANUC. Can you send me a price list of you controller? I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.
Thank you for your interest in the company's products.We are dedicated NC controller.There are many varieties. Could you tell me which one you need to buy?Thank you!

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