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Full-digital Bus-based High-end CNC System—HNC-8 Passed Technical Authentication

Date:2019-09-13  Size:【MX】   【M】   【ML】

On March 4th, series of HNC-8—Full-digital Bus-based High-end CNC Systems passed the technical authentication organized by Hubei Science and Technology Agency. The authentication committee is comprised of 14 well-known experts, who unanimously agreed that series of HNC-8 have reached the international advanced level of high-end CNC system.

The highlights of "HNC-8" lies on its multi-channel,multi-axis,high-speed and high-precision machining capabilities. It can be applied to CNC turning, milling, turning centers, vertical horizontal machining centers, milling complex, 5-axis gantry machines and a variety of specialized processing equipments.

Series of HNC-8 have the following innovations:

1.Providing embedded integrated hardware structure to achieve the integration of NC and PC and significantly reduce the power consumption of the system.

2.Providing the function for system hardware replacement and cross-platform software based on the multiple CPU high-end hardware platform and LINUX operating system

3.Providing a modular, hierarchical open CNC system platform and great secondary development capability.

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