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HNC8 Series CNC Controller

Date:2019-12-27  Size:【MX】   【M】   【ML】

HNC8 high-performance CNC system

HNC8 high-performance CNC system is a new generation high-performance CNC system based on the mature HNC8 CNC system. It uses a new generation hardware and software platform, which greatly improve products’ performance. It supports multi-axis, multi-channel applications, and it’s easily competent for the complex processing scenarios. Standardized product concept reduces the complication of selection and configuration

HNC8 Series CNC System

HNC-848D                 HNC-818D                   HNC-808D

The controller hardware platform is upgraded with standard 8G solid state disk, and the overall hardware performance is improved by 50%.

Adopt full-aluminum frame, MCP separated structure, modular design, and support customer’s customization requirements.

Servo Amplifier

HSV Modular Servo Amplifier

New structure with the design of sharing power module, energy sharing between modules, small footprint
Only need one external brake resistor via power module and save installation space

Servo Motor

LDD High-Performance Servomotor

Extremely low torque fluctuation to improve feeding smoothly and processing quality
23-bit high-resolution absolute encode

Intelligent Function

Thermal error compensation,
Intelligent tool life management
High-speed and high-precision intelligent processing
Optimization of processing parameters
Machine health protection
i-Cloud CNC

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