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Professional Equipment to Prevent Epidemics from Spreading, HCNC HY-2005B Infrared Body Surface Temp Screening Instrument

Date:2020-01-26  Size:【MX】   【M】   【ML】

1. Product name

HCNC HY-2005B Infrared Thermal Imaging Intelligent Body Temperature Detection System

2. The main purpose of the product:

HY-2005B infrared body surface temperature screening instrument is a high-tech product integrating advanced optoelectronic technology, thermal imaging technology, image processing technology and control technology, characterized by its high sensitivity temperature measurement, intuitive thermal image, wide detection range, fast speed, noninterference with the target, and safe use. The core components of the system adopt advanced non-refrigerated focal plane detector, and have a life of 50,000 hours with the temperature resolution reaching 0.05℃. As long as the target passes quickly within the detection range of infrared thermal camera, the instrument immediately displays the thermal image of the body surface and the highest surface temperature, which will be obtained by the operator. If a fever person is encountered, the instrument will immediately issue an alarm, effectively preventing cross-infection between the people.

3. Product main technical features


The human body surface temperature is measured within 1 second while the people passing through the field of view.

Non-contact long-distance measurement:

The human body surface is measured 3-10 meters away from the camera, which will not cause the subject to aversion and panic. Workers stays at the control table to avoid cross-infection.


The temperature resolution of the instrument can reach 0.05℃, which is suitable for detecting to pick out fever from safe place in sites with large groups of people.

Face detection:

Through advanced face detection algorithms, it can effectively eliminate false alarms caused by hot objects carried.


High-resolution digital image acquisition and output.

Digital interface:

Providing an open data interface that can interface with the third-party systems.

4. Industry First

Based on Tencv face detection algorithm, HCNC revolutionized the application of infrared in the field of body temperature measurement with years of application experience at the ports. It quickly achieves efficient face detection and accurate high definition facial capture in case of complex light and angle.

Collect the full face temperature, and automatically adjust the temperature correction coefficient according to the average face temperature.

Face detection under dual camera monitoring; effectively deactivate the alarm generated by the heat carry-on articles.

5. Applications:

Metro stations, hospitals, factories, schools, ports, airports and other places with an orderly flow of people.

6. The main technical parameters of the product


Technical specifications HY-2005B


Non-refrigerated focal plane detector

Detector pixel


Detector pixel spacing


Infrared imaging distance


Lens focal length


Field of view


Thermal sensitivity


Temperature measurement range


Temperature measurement precision


Temperature measurement mode

External black body real-time calibration measurement

Visible camera pixel

200 Megapixel

Video mode

Double-light fusion

Instrument composition

Industrial cabinet + computer + holder of black body



Communication protocol

Ethercat, TCP/TP, UDP

Temperature at operation


Optimum measurement channel width

Max 2.5m

Optimum measurement distance


End customer management software


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