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CIMT2019 | Many Enterprises Display CNC Machine Tool with HNC8 Series high-end CNC System

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CIMT2019 | Many Enterprises Display CNC Machine Tool with HNC8 Series high-end CNC System

 CIMT2019 has fallen the curtain successfully. In this exhibition, HNC has displayed new generation AI CNC system Inc and intelligent machine tool iNC-MT, and obtained favorable reviews of industry experts and customers. Many enterprises display CNC machine tool with HNC8 Series high-end CNC System.

Shenzhen Taikan Machinery Co. LTD

 Equip T-V856 intelligent vertical machining center with HNC8 CNC system

Taikan machine T-V856 vertical machining center is widely used for 3C product, hardware, auto parts, medical equipment and other industry.Machine tool is equipped with HNC-848D CNC system. Following key technologies has been applied:

high speed and high precision control technology

intelligent broken tool detection

intelligent tool life management

machine tool dynamic error compensation

cavity milling process parameters optimization

fault diagnosis based on the QR code tools

iNC - Cloud service mobile APP

remote monitoring

comprehensive intelligent functions

Qinchuan Machine Tool Group 

 Equipped high-precision horizontal machining center HMC80 with HNC8 CNC system

Qinchuan launch their new product HMC80 high-precision horizontal machining center. It is suitable for the processing of box type, disk ring type, plate type, wheel axle type and other parts in the field of aerospace.

The machine is equipped with HNC848D CNC system, which applies the key technology of intelligent CNC:

high-speed and high-precision motion control technology

Multi-axis simultaneous control technology

High precision encoder and full closed loop control technology

Machine tool assembly precision inspect technology

Spatial error measurement and compensation technology

big data collection technology for machine operation

temperature control technology

Jinan Second Machine Tool Group co. Ltd.

 Equip XHS2425AX50 high-speed fixed beam gantry boring and milling machining center with HNC848 CNC system

Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co. Ltd.

 VMC850 machining center uses HNC818B CNC system

Chengdu Prius CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

 5-axis simultaneous milling machine PX500 use HNC848D CNC system.                    

The machine tool is equipped with HNC-848D CNC system. The key technologies of HNC 8 series are applied:

5-axis RTCP,

multi-axis and multi-channel

dual drive feed control

complex PLC program

3D machining simulation

Internet communication

Shanghai Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

 H377 high-precision complex machining center uses HNC-848D CNC system

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