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Use “Chinese Brain”, Equip “Made in China”

From the manufacture of smart phone, home appliances and automobile to manufacture of aircrafts and rockets, all are inseparable from CNC technology which is the core technology of equipment manufacturing industry and one of key technologies realizing the upgrade of mechanical products from ‘manufacture’ to ‘creation’. CNC system is the brain of advanced high-end manufacturing equipments, and using “Chinese brain” and equipping “Made in China” is our company’s mission.


Industry Leader

Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. (HNC) was established in 1994 with a registered capital of 172,79 million yuan (Stock Code:300161). It is the first batch of national innovation enterprise, vice president unit of the Intelligent Manufacturing Branch of China Machinery Industry Federation, vice president unit of China Machine Tool Industry Association, director unit of the CNC System Association Branch, secretary general unit of the National Machine Tool CNC System Standard Council, director unit of High-End CNC System and Application Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance (pilot). The company has won two second awards of National Science and Technology Progress and seven provincial and ministerial level of first prizes and nine of the products were rated as national key new products. In 2009, HNC was honored as one of the 60th Anniversary Achievements Exhibition of the People's Republic of China and the "Jingchu Splendid 60 Business Card" of Hubei Province. In 2011, It was gloriously selected into Major Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition of the National “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Wen Jiabao, Mr. Wu Bangguo, Mr. Li Changchun, Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Mr. Liu Yandong and other leaders of CPC and State have investigated the achievements of HNC. They speak highly of HNC on insisting the combination of production, education and research, promoting transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and developing national strategy industry.


All Rivers Run Into Sea      

HNC owns a highly qualified workforce, and 80 percent of the employees have college degrees. Moreover, The National postdoctoral workstation is set up in HNC, where dozens of postdocs are specializing in the R&D of products. HNC’s management team has established a firm conviction and target. Pursue excellence, and become bigger and stronger, and develop HNC into a word-class CNC system R&D and manufacturing enterprise.  


Independent Innovation

HNC has the CNC system with independent intellectual property which has formed high, medium, low grades of series products. Based on the previous technology accumulation, HNC integrated the research and development tasks of three national major projects which aimed at global high-grade CNC system and developed HNC8 high-grade system. Now thousands of sets of CNC systems have been used to equip with high-grade CNC machine tools which listed in the national major projects. The performance of servo drive and spindle drive device with independent intellectual property has reached the world advanced level, and the independently researched five-axis simultaneous CNC systems have been successfully used in automobile, energy, aerospace and other industries. HNC has developed more than 60 kinds of CNC systems, which are used in textile machinery, woodworking machinery, glass machinery and injection molding machinery. HNC's infrared products have been widely used in steel, energy, chemical, medical and other industries.


Take Responsibilities

In order to solve the serious shortage of CNC skilled personnel in China, HNC has cooperated with more than 2000 vocational colleges in China to build CNC training bases, and completed CNC training base construction task of national demonstration of dozens of schools. HNC has equipped more than 10,000 sets of CNC machine tools with different kinds of schools, and trained tens of thousands of CNC teachers.


Look Ahead 

The nation has given unprecedented attention and support to the CNC system industry. From the opinions of the State Council about the development of equipment manufacturing industry to the National Major Special Project of "high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" incorporated into the national medium and long-term development plan, as well as the high-end manufacturing industry listed in the emerging strategic industries, CNC system has always occupied the most important position. China has become the world's largest consumer and producer of CNC machine tools. It has large space for domestic medium, high-end CNC systems to replace the imported CNC systems.


On January 13, 2011, HNC was recognized by the competent authorities of the government for its good performance and growth. It successfully landed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and raised 702 million yuan. It became the first listed enterprise in the CNC system industry and achieved a historic leap. The goal of HNC is to be a world-class CNC system enterprise, and use "China brain" to equip "made in China" and "made in the world". At the work report of the Chinese government in 2015, it put forward that "Manufacturing is our competitive industry. If we implement “made in China 2025 strategy”, we should insist on innovation-driven, smart transformation, strengthening the foundation, green development, and accelerate the transformation from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality. In the next 10 years, “Made in China 2025 strategy” is our national action plan of implementing the strategy of a leader in manufacturing. HNC constantly adjusts the distribution of market in recent years, and refines demands of industry, and accelerates the update of products, and keeps up with industrial trends and customer’s needs. In the process of realizing “made in China 2025 strategy” in all respects, HNC builds independently controllable and competitive intelligent manufacturing ecosystem which serve to the manufacturing equipment and promotion of product intelligent level, and provides the support for promoting deep integration of informatization and industrialization and building a leader in manufacturing.


Company’s History

Early Stage (1950-1980)

Since 1958

Huazhong Institute of Technology (the predecessor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology) took the lead in researching CNC technology in China.


Huazhong University of Technology (the predecessor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology) developed CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers and attended the Canton Fair.


CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers won the award of National Science.


Huazhong University of Technology successfully developed the 9-axis simultaneous control Huazhong I CNC system and won the second award of National Science and Technology Progress Award.


Entrepreneurial Stage (1990s- the beginning of the 21st century)


In order to convert scientific and technological achievements into high-tech products, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. (HNC) was established.


The National CNC System Engineering Technology Research Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology was established to undertake the major project of National 863 Plan which has become a strong technical support in company’s close combination of production, education, and research. 


HNC successfully completed shareholding reform and began to explore the development listing in stock market and becoming bigger and stronger. 


Modern industrial base had been built in the scientific park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Development Stage (the beginning of the 21st century-2010)


HNC successfully developed the Huazhong century star CNC system which was released to the market in large quantity.


HNC became one of the first 91 national independent innovation models confirmed by the central government.


HNC was listed on US government’s sanctions blacklist for breaking the foreign technology blockade with high-end CNC system.


“The national science and technology major project of high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment” was launched, and HNC won many projects in the first and the second batch of project bidding.


HNC successfully developed the HNC8 series bus-type high-end CNC system.


Take-off Stage (2010s-now)


HNC was successfully listed on the GEM, and became the first public company in the domestic CNC system industry.


HNC cooperated with Shenyang Aircraft Industry, and realized the successful application of domestic high-end CNC system in five-axis simultaneous CNC machine tools in aviation manufacturing industry.


The electrical assembling building of medium and high-end CNC system industrialization project was built, and the new SMT workshop was put into production to fully improve the product quality and industrial scale of medium and high-end CNC system.


HNC cooperated with Jinsheng to build an intelligent manufacture factory for 3C mobile terminals, which became the first batch of National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Projects released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


“HNC8” passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, and it was identified that HNC8 has fully reached the international advanced level and could replace the imported CNC system.

“04 Special Project” started the “brain upgrade project”, and HNC has comprehensively cooperated with Top Ten Military Industry Group Enterprises.

HNC acquired Jiangsu Jinming robot co., Ltd., and completed the layout of the whole industrial chain from key components of industrial robots, robot body, to the integration of intelligent production line.


“Key technology and industrialization of high-performance CNC system” won the second award of Nation Science and Technology progress.


HNC associated with Baoji Machine Tool Group and Huazhong University of Science and Technology and put forward a new concept of a new generation of intelligent machine tool (IMT), and successfully developed the concept machine of the intelligence CNC system (INC) and intelligent machine tool (INC-MT)


HNC released the first new-generation AI CNC system equipped with AI chip---HNC9 Industrial model.


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